Grassmere Butter Factory Photo Album



Here's a collection of photos from the Grassmere Cheese & Butter Factory.

If anyone has other photos of the factory that they would like displayed on this site, please feel free to contact me.

Churn Room at the Grassmere butter factory c.1905


Butter working room at Grassmere,1905

Salt was added and butter was kneaded in circular butter workers. This created a smooth texture and removed excess whey.

Butter working room at Grassmere, 1905

Butter was removed from butter kneaders, rolled into large balls and rammed into wooden boxes

Opening of the new moderised Grassmere Butter Factory 15th June 1905.

Alice Harriet McCullough wife of Thomas McCullough, Director, cutting the ribbon.

Directors of Grassmere Cheese and Butter Factory

Early directors of the Grassmere Cheese & Butter Factory. Back Row L to R: Mr Threfall, William Jellie, Mr Weatherhead (manager). Front Row L to R: A H Davis (secretary), C B Nicol, Thomas McCullough & William Beveridge.

what remains today ( 2012 ) of the Grassmere Butter Factory