Thomas McCullough Photo Album


Thomas McCullough - Photo Album

Here's my collection of family photos.

I hope you enjoy my collection, I would be very pleased to hear from you if you have any family photos to add to this page.

Thomas' father and mother, James McCullough1820-1910 and Elinor nee Moorhead

Thomas' father

Thomas' mother Elinor nee Moorhead

Thomas' father James McCullough 1820-1910

Thomas McCullough and his wife Alice Harriet nee Monk

Alice Harriet McCullough nee Monk

"Tullynagee" Was the home of Thomas and Alice Harriet McCullough, Warrnambool.

The family of Thomas and Alice Harriet McCullough
Four generations
Rear L to R: Ruby McCullough, Dorethy Black. Seated L to R: Alice Jane (Jeannie) Black, Alice Harriet McCullough & Ellie Moorhead McCullough Tom Campbell Black, left, with his grandparents Thomas and Alice Harriet McCullough and his aunt Ellie Moorhead McCullough. Circ.1925
Tom Campbell Black [left] Grandson of Thomas and Alice Harriet McCullough, with C.W.A. Scott winners of the London to Melbourne Centenary Air Race in 1934. Four children of Thomas McCullough and Alice Hariet Monk: Alice Jane [rear] James Ernest John [left] Thomas Wood [centre] Ellie Moorhead [right] Circa.1887
Three gererations of Thomas'.Thomas D., Thomas Wood & Thomas Arthur John McCullough. Alice Harriet McCullough cutting the ribbon at the opening of the Gras[s]mere Butter Factory 15th June 1905
Early directors of the Grassmere Cheese & Butter Factory. Back Row L to R: Mr Threfall, William Jellie, Mr Weatherhead (manager). Front Row L to R: A H Davis (secretary), C B Nicol, Thomas McCullough & William Beveridge. McCullough homestead, Tullynagee, County Down, Ireland. The family home for several generations.
R-L Alice Harriet McCullough nee Monk, Alice Lillius Ruth McCullough, Annie Ashton McCullough nee McCully