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Thomas McCullough 1846-1926 Ireland to Victoria, Australia in 1855

Thomas McCullough arrived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with his parents James McCullough 1820-1910 and Elinor nee Moorhead and his three brothers on the Black Ball Line Clipper "James Baines" on the 12th. February 1855

Thomas' father, James McCullough, was a Farmer,  born in Tullynagee, Co. Down, Ireland in 1820, he was baptised at the Killinchy Presbyterian Church 21/2/1820, and was the Son of Thomas McCullough, Farmer, of Tullynagee and Jennie Abernethy. James married Elinor Moorhead, daughter of David Moorhead, Farmer, of Tullynagee and Jane Lowry, at the Killinchy Presbyterian Church 18/8/1843.

James and Elinor, with their children, emigrated to Australia in 1854 via Liverpool on the maiden voyage of the "Black Ball Line" Clipper "James Baines" arriving in Hobson Bay, Melbourne on the12th. Febarury 1855. The voyage took 63 days which was a new record from Liverpool to Melbourne. [Ref. image of the "James Baines" below.]

James and Elinor had five children prior to leaving Ireland namely- David Moorhead 1844-1849, buried in the Kilmood Graveyard, Co.Down, with Elinor's parents, namely David Moorhead 1788-1857 and Jane [nee Lowry] 1788-1867. Thomas 1846-1926, Hugh 1848-1905, David Moorhead 1849-1926 and John 1851-1935. Their four surviving sons accompanied them on the voyage. Shortly after their arrival in Melbourne James and his family made their way to the Warrnambool area in South West Victoria. James and his family initially stayed with William Jellie 1823-1877 and his wife Joanna [nee Cassady], William was the son of James' Aunt, Margaret Stevenson Jellie [nee McCullough] and  James Jellie, who had a property named "Tarhook" on the  Merri River at Cassady's Bridge, near the small village of Warrnambool. James and Elinor later took up land holding near Dennington a few miles from Warrnambool, he named it "Sea View". Highly satisfied with his farming venture, he and Elinor remained there for the rest of their long lives, eighty seven and ninty years respectively.

James and Elinor [also known as Ellen to family and friends] bore four more children namely- Margaret Jane Jellie1856-1865, Mary 1857-1865, Agnes 1860-1865 and William James 1862-1951. As can be seen James and Elinor lost three more children at a young age, they all died within a couple weeks of each other during the Diptheria epidemic of 1865.


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